Policies and Info regarding Longer Stays

The Inns and Outs of the 7+ Day Reservation


Is it cheaper to stay longer?

Yes, we do give price breaks based on your stay. There is no set in stone number but it is generally in tiers by the amount of time stayed. Obviously staying a week is not as big of a price break as staying a month.

Is there a cap on how long I can stay?

Due to the flexibility and murkiness of Massachusetts law we don't typically allow people to stay longer than 2 months. This is due to residency laws. We are a small place and can't be tied up with things of this nature.

Is there a deposit required, and is it refundable?

Depening on the nature of your stay and the amount of time commited we do take a deposit of at least 10% sometimes more if you are booking more than one room. If the stay has more than 14 room nights it becomes a 'Non-Refundable' deposit. If you were to cancel during a busy time and we lose out on the room being booked for a large amount of time it is enough of a hit to really hurt or cripple our business.

What is the cancellation policy?

Normally it is a before 7 day cancellation window. In the event the stay is longer than 14 room nights, the cancellation window is 14 days.

What if you cancel us for some reason, then what happens to the desposit?

If we exercise our right to cancel you due to an unforseen complication like a pipe bursting or fire, flood, natural disaster... we will refund you your deposit.