Pet Policies

We love your pets too.


What pets do you allow at the inn?

Pets are allowed on a case by case basis. Most dogs and cats are allowed in rooms. We also are open minded about other type of pets. Please call before bringing a pet.

Is there a cost?

In choice situations we may choose to waive the pet fee. Direct bookings where your pet is technically a 2nd guest for instance may be an instance where we waive the fee. Dogs that are large or tend to shed are more than likely going to still incur a fee.

Is there a restriction to the amount of pets that can stay.

There are only a few rooms we allow pets. Due to allergic reasons, and to avoide chaos we allow 1 set of pets per floor. We do our best to not have loud pets in adjacent rooms so they do not hear each other and decide to start an audible war heard throughout the house.