Our Cancellation Policies

In case you need to cancel... This is how it works.


How do we cancel our reservation?

You may cancel through phone, e-mail or text. We are human beings after all and we all forget things. We ask simply that you keep documentation of your cancellation, so please make sure you have a valid e-mail on file with us when you book.

If for whatever reason you booked through a website with an automatic payment method or a 3rd party booking agent like Expedia, remember that you need to cancel with the booking agent first or you will be liable for the entire reservation.

What qualifies as 7 days notice?

You may cancel up to 7 days prior to your booking. This means that if you are booked for 10/20/2020 you must contact us before 11AM on 10/13/2020 to not be liable for the reservation.

To further elaborate on when YOU contacted us. If you call us before 11AM and we don't answer the phone due to cleaning or checking out a guest... this does not count as proper notice.

However, if you e-mail or text us and its timestamped before 11AM more than 7 calendar days than you are all set.

What if I have an emergency?

Emergencies unfortunately do happen and maybe there could be some wiggle room and flexibliity with the 7 day window. However if you don't give ample notice we must still hold you responsible for the booking. We are a small business and we bleed just as much as you do.

Is there any way to not be charged inside of the 7 day window?

As a courtesy, we attempt to rent your room if you need to cancel inside of 7 days. We have been lucky somtimes and get same day bookings. Other times it is up for 4-5 days and no one bites. In the event we are able to rent your room, we refund your registered payment method and we both can breathe a sigh of relief.